My watchlist – Week of Oct 16

Ello ello,
Hope you all had a well rested weekend.  Below are the Forex pairs that are on my watch list
Bias – LONG
On the daily chart price tested the upper trend line of the channel and 50 ema. However if you look at 73.00 zone it has been acting as good support and if fact price is actually coming out of a double bottom pattern. Initially i was going to go Long on this but hell no !.
I’ll be looking for a Long setup on this on. Either a break and retest or a look for a setup on the 4hour.
Bias: Long
Monthly chart is up trending with HH and HL and also with the support of an up trend line.
Last week price acted very bullish. However on the daily think we missed the safe entry. But definitely looking for a Long setup here. Probably a break and retest on the trend line.
Bias – Long
Monthly price action is finding support at .78 fib level.
Daily price is showing a ascending triangle pattern with recent test of the bottom of the triangle.
I’m currently holding an active long position.
Bias – Long
H/H Pattern on the monthly chart. Currently printing the second shoulder on a key zone.  Between .61 and .78 Fib level. Looking for a bullish setup on the Daily.
However keep in mind that price is not below the 50ema of the W,D and 4hour charts.
Bias – LONG
Last week my bias was SHORT on this one. But I couldn’t get in on the SHORT setup. Now looking at the holistic chart i prefer to wait for price come down to the .70 zone to look for a LONG opportunity. My analysis suggest that if an reversal were to happen at the .70 zone it would go all the way up to 0.7700 area. This would be a retracement of .618 on the monthly chart.
Bias – Long
Monthly price action is some what side ways, however on the  weekly and daily chart price has been testing 1.0 zone several times. What’s interesting is the fact that there was a double top pattern before but the bulls were able to keep the downside very short and price went back up to retest that dollar zone.
I’ll be looking for a pull back on the Daily or the 4h chart to get in long.
Bias – SHORT
On the monthly and weekly charts price action is not convincing enough to say that BULLS are in control.
Ill be watching out for a SHORT setup around 1.34 area.
Daily price is approaching the top of the channel.  Monthly and Weekly charts look bullish.
Will wait for a break and retest of the upper channel.

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