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My Watchlist – Oct 9th

Hi all,Hope you all had a good weekend. Following pairs are on my watch list for this week.AUDUSD Bias - Long Monthly price action is finding support at .78 fib level. Price tested the level twice and then broke above the  highs to form an Ascending Triangle. Weekly and Daily supports Monthly price action.ExecutionTest of the bottom

The Compounding Effect | Don’t be a one hit wonder.

Most new traders fail when it comes to consistent gains. This is because they aim for that one hit wonder trade and forget about the long term plan.Trading is not about that one trade that will make 10:1 results.  Successful trading is made out of tons of 1:1 and 2:1 results with a few

Side Hustle – Trading while having a full time job

Most traders start their trading career as a side hustle while having a full time job. There are pro’s and Con’s to this but by no means is this an obstacle that would hinder your growth.First of all you need to treat trading as a business.  Due to the full time income that is

Forex Risk Management – Path to Consistent Profitability

I should first mention that as traders we are not trying to win every single trade that we enter.In order to become a master trader you need to understand that trading is a game of probability and should be comfortable with having losing trades. No trading strategy can win all the time. So how can we

Trade Alerts – AUDCAD & USDJPY

Trade alerts for Friday Aug 12 are as follows . Two pairs in my radar :AUDCAD SHORTPrice is has been printing candles with long upper shadows signifying a weakness in the Bullish strength. Todays candle (Aug 11th) shows strong Bearish strength. I'm short on a break below today's candle .Entry : 0.99758Stop: 1.01320  USDJPY LONGPrice has retraced


NZDCAD  :Even though price did not reach all the way up to previous resistance , after Wednesday's price action you are safe to consider this as a Double Top reversal pattern.I have entered a Sell Limit order below to be triggered if price breaks Thursdays low with a stop above Wednesday's high.Entry : 0.93266Stop

Trade Alert AUDNZD & EURGBP Swing Trade

EURGBP Short .Price has printed a BEARISH engulfing candle at a very key level.  As you can see the market has printed a uptrend line over the last 8 - 10 days. However the lack of large solid BULLISH candles shows weakering BULLISH power.Following the minor Green bars over the last 8 - 10